Stupidly excited. And only putting this here because I am stupidly excited! 1) Panda is ready for printing and doing so tonight. 2) people are expressing interest, so had better do a few! 3) I have discovered a way of Transfer computer print image to woodblock. So what? Well up until now I have been using a rather inaccurate method of carbon transfer, then transferring the key block which is then carved to the colour blocks by printing onto a non-porous surface. Like acetate. But this results in splodges making the decision of where to cut afterwards on the new blocks hard. Worked ok-ish
There are two solutions to this. One is to use multiple computer print outs on each block. The second is to make the key block then print it to new papers…but in both of these cases you need to attach the paper to the blocks, or rub them down with carbon transfer but this second method of carbon transfer introduces inaccuracies.
The attachment method is the only way forward. But how? What glue to use? What paper is available?
In Japanese printing you do keyblock>print to papers method which is glued down. The papers you print to are tissue paper. But how to glue? And how, for that matter, if I use just a printer can I get tissue paper through the printer.
Well I have started working the way forward, and David Bull ( informs on his website of using gum arabic to attach the prints to the blocks. And it works! He uses far thinner paper, but tissue paper works just as well I have discovered.
To get it through the printer you spray adhesive on the back and fix it to normal printer paper. That bit is still a work in progress as the paper was stuck to heavily together. But at least it is a start.
I need to test now if the gum arabic method works with my own wax on the board and acrylic ink to bind and colour the fibres respectively.
Getting there though!