Inspired by Christian icons and their construction, I decided to create my own.

This is a contemporary icon of Jesus crucifixion.

For me, the production of a print is a meditative process, similar to those who produce icons from what I understand.

i created this print running up to Easter 2015, looking for a way in which to depict the crushing experience for Christ of taking on the sin of the world for all time.  Once and for all…Jesus died for us.

icons intend you to look at them, to seek their meaning. They tell the story without words.  It’s not immediately obvious.

i rather liked one comment I had: it would be more pleasing were the picture rotated 180degrees.  I made the very same comment about a piece in the Tate some years ago!  However, this image is the right way round.

i was aiming for something deliberately uncomfortable, as well as telling the story.