Why do people collect art?

Odd, isn’t to think that its a good idea to hang things on a wall. Why do we even do it? Partly, I guess, it is to hide the ugly brown stains. Or more seriously to decorate. Maybe a sense of permanence?

Cavemen did it. Perhaps a way of making a mark. Some ritual. Or maybe just a very early form of inviting a young lady to come and see one’s etchings. Ahem.

Then there is always more. One more painting. Some people become obsessed. Some people find that one is never enough. Afterall, how do they understand an artist or a theme of paintings and drawings if you only have one? Is there a pattern.

Why do people want to collect Lowry, for example.

When I was a kid I collected bookmarks. First it was stamps, then coins, as I suppose most children do. Well, not my youngest son who at the age of eleven seems still to have a collection of random stones he picks up and puts in his pocket. For me it led to collecting bookmarks. I wanted to have them from places I went to and they were affordable.

Leather bookmarks tasted good too. I remember. Strange child.

I would put them into a photo album and show them to people. Its not as easy to buy collectable bookmarks anymore, but I was fond of the them.

Collectable swapsies?

Of course the modern world taps into collectability. Look at the magazines, or the games cards kids get. Or even adults spend hundreds and in some cases thousands on magic the gathering cards. Then they swap them.

Or games…my secret passion is I collect board games. Mine is a small collection worth only about £3000! Some friends of mine have much more. Each game at about £30, it soon adds up. Sometimes my friends swap games around the country.

Wouldn’t it  be awesome to play swapsies with real art? Of course, it would have to be affordable.

Possessive art

So is it something to do with possession? Or is it to do with the sense of having to create some sort of order, or space. Or some sort of definitive expression which really tries to convey who the collector is. It’s that saught after piece which never quite describes how you are feeling that makes you want to collect more.

I am currently creating fine art prints. In the printing world since each is hand pulled from a carved wood block relief, each is considered an original as opposed to reproductions of an existing piece of art. I am doing this to turn my detailed style of art production in to original prints for people to buy. Perhaps even make a collection of.

And swap them…