What does the fox say? Pen and watercolour illustration

This is something of an experiment. It started off as one of my usual doodles until it was finished, then I copied it on high quality onto 140lb water colour paper.

I bought a canon Pixma MG5500, principally because it was a good quality print level, and it would take up to 300lb paper (though they do say you should only do that with canon paper over 80lb!). I’m worried to go quite so high, but I gave it a go with the watercolour paper.
I had to shove it a little bit in, ahem, but it worked.

The print quality was a little light, even though I did put it through as black. But it was livable with. I left it over night to fully dry, and was rather impressed that the ink is water resistant, so I was able to put the watercolour in over the top.

I did one extra copy of the black and white too.

After I painted it, i followed through on a plan i had to put in extra textured water colour layers in. Now, I also broke the rules for watercolours…in fact for any colour work…

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Now this is the rule breaking bit for watercolours, which really deserves a post of its own. basically, remember that in shadows and form, line is an invention?  Well you certainly aren’t supposed to draw where the shadows lie.  well I like it, buster!  In my doodles i have been more and more drawing the line for the shadow, and then inking the shadow in.  i like it…and no one else seems to do that.  So thats what i do…but to keep the pattern free, i have put the shadow in, or other texture with the paint, then added the line afterwards.

This is the first picture it has really worked on!

Now, one problem has been that with the lighter ink from the printing, it didn’t come out so well with the digital conversion, even after contrasting.  So, i simply put the black and white copy I still had through the scanner too, and superimposed it over the top using ‘mulitply’ layer.  Worked will.

One last thing, I discovered that the canon pixma will now airscan to iPad!  From that, into procreate.


what does the fox say illustration_Andy_Gray_art_onegraydot.jpg