Christian spirituality and practice


What is Christian spirituality?  It’s seeing God in the every day.

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Last year I was looking with others at Christian spirituality and practice in Ministry.  It was mainly reflective, and could be summarized simply as “in your day to day, where do you see God?”  This sketch I completed whilst the conversations discovered where each person had discovered God…from dance, to sun rises, and even a blackbird!

You don’t have to ‘go to church’ – as in gathering with others who believe in Jesus, though it does help to encourage your faith, so don’t give it up as a bad job, or boring, just try and see ways of igniting your faith.  One way is to look at the world around you.

This week, I’ve been working with kids.  I showed them my watercolour door and asked them to notice their door next time they walked out of it, the beginning and end of so many adventures.  That’s what I’m talking about here with God.

Where do you see God in the every day…because the if you are waiting for a thunderbolt from the sky, they aren’t very often.  But in the every day…well he’s there constantly.

Food for thought: don’t wait for tough times to practice your faith.  Faith takes training, just like being an olympic athlete.  No athlete waits until the event to do their sport.  They practice, often long and hard doing much lighter easier things over and over (lifting weights, cycling and so on).  That trains them, so that they are ready.

David (king and giant killer) practiced the easier task of seeing off and killing things threatening his sheep flocks.  He could have done it by himself, it was a common task.  But instead he chose to involve God in the every day task.  So when he faced the huge enemy, he was prepared.

So see God in all places.  Ask God to help you in the every day and you will see him works miracles in your faith, and your faith will grow miraculously.  You will then be prepared.