Onegraydot update

So…really doing this then? I am going from the ‘used to do a lot of illustration to then not doing much but every now and then’ to ‘what…I can actually earn money from this again?’


And it’s the second week of the company (Onegraydot Ltd) being formed. Phew.  So what have I done so far?

This is going to be a weekly update, usually on a Monday (why not) of what has happened this week and hopes for next week. Including a few family bits and so on. Which you will either find incredibly boring or interesting.  Who knows?

Yesterday it was my son Reuben’s eleventh birthday, which is awesome. He is growing into a mighty fine young man. His ability in insults is getting better too. He now calls me a ‘little Mix Fan.’ (as in the band?). Yeah..funny…I think.

Last year about this time I started writing a journal, then in November it became bullet journaling. Last week it took another twist to become a freedom journal. What’s that then?

FE journaling is basically a way of using a journal to keep you on target. Quite good actually, though nothing I couldn’t have come up with myself, but nice to have someone else’s pattern to slavishly follow.  You’re encouraged to establish one target using the old SMART objectives.  So I have chosen that in 100 days I will sell one print through the website.  And I know how to achieve that kind of thing so off I go. It’s basically 10x10day mini goals, each goal having 10 mini goals of its own. I quite like the idea of not setting another set of goals until the previous 10 are complete as it allows for drift and flexibility. If it works I will apply it to ministry too.

In the last 4 days I have planned my blog publishing, updated my name on facebook page, written a letter to enclose with my next print going out, and started my artist statement.  Oh and written a blog page every day (this is it for today). The next few days include putting a publicity flier together to get people to help me to build a street team. The objective is to build a street team before I next mini-goal set try to build the facebook funnels and so on.  Gulp.

That’s alongside ministry, and trying to do the normal stuff of art…of which I hear Roo likes pandas, and as it was a print I was thinking of doing I will set the one I was looking at (wind in the willows) to oneside. Needs designing as I only have six more days to cut and print it!  I think it will be popular though. AND I need to make sure the actual commissions are moving forward too as I need some more disposable income to buy more wood stuff and get more prints available so as to be able to have 10 prints on offer by the time I am looking to get a buyer!

Problems I am facing (with solutions)

Sticking to time, often because I am tired. …go to bed earlier and drink less coffee

Getting tired with people…spend less time in meeting people (be more efficient). Spend more time with people who matter

Not doing drawing because blogging and business are now taking too much time! Er…get up earlier, be more realistic about how long things take

Good plans for morning…but if I am not up at 6 then it doesn’t pan out.