Just in case anyone was wondering if the blog is dead since I’ve not posted since 2015, well, no. It’s not. And I’m personally very much alive. But I’ve been using my social media platform much more and the poor blog has been a little neglected.

Here’s some news though.

First, I am now on patreon! Www.patreon.com/onegraydot and as you will see I’ve Ben wonderfully blessed, great word, by some awesome people already, and only 3 weeks old. Honestly, if my kids at three weeks had been Benefitting me by an extra $50 a month I’d have been a happy man. Not that I’m not happy, my kids are awesome. Check out the video on patreon to meet one of them.

second up, another announcement. I’m still a minister in the Church of England, but now being an artist is part of my pioneer ministry. So that makes me professional again so I can fully draw down an income. We are just pulling together the company.

the big news is on the printing front. Financially prints make the biggest result, so expect to see far more of those coming through. My patrons will be particularly rewarded, but you will still be able to buy direct because….I am adding a store to this website.

and moving the website and rebuilding it and so on….

in the meantime, a couple of pictures I’ve been working on.

IMG_3617 IMG_3618