There have been two books so far in the Spike and Izzy series. These books are used in schools to help explore community concepts, written by Emma Price of Inspire Schools.

Book 1 was completed entirely in pencil crayon. However, the printer did not do justice to the original pictures and was unable to scan the pictures himself.

We decided that for the next book I would work entirely digitally, and it was then that I worked on developingĀ a process which used my own shading techniques and styles to create the strong colours you see in book 2. Digital working is faster and easier to make changes and you can be more certain of the final result if it is a digital pipeline. As I work at some distance from the writers it’s useful working digitally so that I can show them the work as it progresses.

For self-published authors, there is the added benefit that as we progress we can release images via social media to build an interest in the book pre-launch. Although some authors have understandable fears over their work being stolen, which I respect and we always write into the pre-contract what their wishes are, in my experience there is more risk of a book being a failure by not sharing the process than of a book being stolen.

This is for self-publishing authors. For those with publishing house agreements then it is expected that nothing will be released ahead of publishing.