Experiment using acrylic inks paint and decoupage glue

I’ve always had a bit of an uneasy friendship with acrylics.  I don’t like (or rather can’t get on) with adding thick acrylic to canvas like impasto.  But when you paint it lightly, you end up with a really dull finish.

So I got an idea.  I had earlier on today scribbled this slightly strange picture doodle style on normal printer paper, using my carbon pen (fountain pen that takes permanent ink).

Now, my wife likes the odd bit of decoupage, and she has some glue knocking around.  If you read the pot, it turns out that unlike most PVA glue, which remains watersoluable, the decoupage glue goes a little more water resistant.

Acrylic paints and inks contain a little PVA glue themselves, or at least something very like it. So I wondered if it was possible to paint acrylic over the top of the dry decoupage.  In other words, size the paper first by decoupaging it onto a piece of card.  Note to self: I could do with paying attention to the direction of the glue brush strokes as when you add the acrylics you get some great textures from where the acrylics flow into brush marks.

The result of this is excellent.  You can’t tell really, because the scan reflected light from the varnished glue has blown the highlights and I have had to use photoshop to balance everything.  But in real life, this works really pretty well to keep some real luminosity in the work.

All things considered, a great result.

I could do with extending the experiment, but not until a couple of months have gone by to save up again!  I need some magic colour inks…


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Experiment using acrylic inks paint and decoupage glue early bird

Experiment using acrylic inks paint and decoupage glue