As a child and still as an adult I am fascinated by stories, myths, legends and tales. There’s something about them. When I used to go to sleep at night as when I was still in short trousers I would stare at picture books full of details until I fell asleep. I think the mixture of stories and details have had a huge influence on me, my style and my interests. I love to illustrate

I love to illustrate story, and to include fine details where I can. I have mentioned Durer, but in style and love Rackham holds my key interest. This is what has led me to illustrate books and be published and shown and sold all over the world. Wood affords me the greatest opportunity to do that in a print media as it holds detail better than lino, and I love the feeling and sound of the cut. Not that it isn’t without its difficulties and I am constantly searching to solve and work with its limitations. Sometimes the best way of describing my relationship with the wood print is that it fights back such that sometimes we come to a compromise.  But, just occasionally, I win.