Thanks for stopping by! My born name is Andrew Stuart Gray, but I usually stick to Andy S. Gray (there seem to be too many Andy Gray’s in this world so I need to be a tiny bit different).  I am a husband and a dad. I’ve illustrated hundreds of pictures for storytellers and companies for over 25 years. But my commercial work Andy Gray artist artin a sense goes back much further. The first picture I ever sold was when I was 14 and a girl asked me to draw a copy of Peter Rabbit.

£10 was ok money in 1984…

These days I can be found in Somerset, sat either in front of my fire scribbling away in pencils and ballpoint pen, or splodging real ink with a real dip pen.

I love black and white!

Or I will be creating something on my graphics display tablet from my desk in the digital realm.  What sets me apart here though is I make sure that my digital pictures never have that ‘photoshop’ look… you’d never tell them apart from something I have created in the real world.  I find it helps my clients as we can update pictures quickly, and deliver them fast to publishers in just the right format.

It’s like alchemy compared to 1984

Mind you, I am also a magician…and even a minister in the Church of England. (below…I’m the one in the middle, and there’s a bishop to my left…or the right as you look at it!)

 During my working life I have also been a professional children’s worker for over two decades, which means if you invite me to your school we can guarantee to have fun and learn something.  So if you work or learn there, please do get in touch!  I can even put you in touch with people who know what I do, kind of quality assurance.

There are more images on the blog pages from the past, I keep my portfolio pretty much up to date, and  I post to Instagram

Picture credit of this event, taken by Clive Lawrence