I do commercial work at very reasonable prices.  Usually I charge at a standard rate of £10 an hour, and I work pretty quickly.

Black and white images of just one or two characters, or one character and a back ground take a couple of hours.

More figures take longer, but for black and whites the top charge is £40.

Colour images are more variable as some take much more time.  Book covers usually need a few drafts and sketches, then there are colour changes…So a book cover is usually about £300.

Please keep in mind that if you are very picky on your images then I can only give so much time for changes.  I usually allow for one or two changes to each image in the time allowed, though few people ever request them.

If  you want to commission me, please say what style it is from the images on the website, and simply tell me the name of the picture or the description and I can create you a piece in that style.  I will also create roughs if necessary, all part of the time budgeted for.

And of course there are discounts available for larger orders – books and the like.

If you have any questions about style or technique, or want to interview me for a school project or blog, then just ask!

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