The tailor of gloucester artist proof

The Tailor of Gloucester, Beatrix Potter, Limited edition print

art depression

Coping with artistic depression and What gets in the way of creating an art business

Icon Jesus crucifixion

Icon Jesus crucifixion limited edition print

dragonfly design print

Reason for beginning Printing….a new direction

King David hides from Saul picture

David hides from Saul

lifting prep fluid and gum arabic experiment

Watercolour experiments with lifting preparation fluid and gum arabic

View of Pendle Hill Watercolour Painting

View of Pendle Hill Watercolour Painting

hierarchy of vocations onegraydot_com

Hierarchy of vocations (Dave walker tribute church diagram)

copy of Rodney Matthews dufflepuds made happy

art copy and why you should do it

The old tree man

The Old Tree Man